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Jake Flynn Mystery novels

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Holman Wood -  click to download entire novel
J. L. Humphrey
The Purple Heart Mystery - click to download this novel
Samples of other writing
authored by J. L. Humphrey
Federation Corner columns
Since 2004 Jim has been a regular contributor to the Federation Corner,
a weekly news and opinion column by the
Montgomery County Civic Federation
published in The Montgomery Sentinel.  Here are a few of his columns (click on titles to view):

Introducing DENSIMAX, the new county growth drug

Montgomery County's own Love Canal

Generic campaign speech
Theatre scripts
Throughout the 1980s Jim wrote scripts for Wordstage Reader's Theatre, adapting works by
John Irving, Carl Sandburg, Alice Hegan Rice, and Robert McCloskey for stage presentation.
Here is his script adaptation of tales from the Brothers Grimm (click title to view).

Grimm's Fairy Tales, adapted for the stage by Jim Humphrey

"Much of the credit for the success of this production must go to Jim Humphrey, who adapted
the tales and directed the production.  The tales, quite simply, come alive.  We watch Hansel
and Grethel, the Valiant Tailor, as well as dwarfs and giants, ducks and geese, and bees and
other beasts.  Humphrey's craft reaches its peak when the cast becomes a brooklet that
becomes a flood.  It's wonderful theatre."  
- The Journal

"Grimm's Tales mix antics, object lessons...the unusual casting is part of the hallmark creativity
of this innovative production."
 - The Arlington News

"This is my kind of theatre!"  - The Gazette