Jake Flynn Mysteries

by J. L. Humphrey
The Jake Flynn Mysteries, a series of mystery novels by author J. L. Humphrey, centers on
Jacob Michael Flynn, a seemingly ordinary middle-aged man who resides just outside of the
nation's capital, in Montgomery County, Maryland.  Due to fate, curiosity and a strong moral
compass, Jake is propelled into a series of often dangerous adventures, with his close friends
and loved ones frequently caught up in the action.

At the start of the first book in the series,
Holman Wood, Jake is leading a comfortable, if
somewhat sedentary, existence, living alone in a farm house in the rural community of
Joined by friends and neighbors, he enters a fight to save the woods he played
in as a child from being destroyed.
 Along the way, Jake reunites with his estranged gay lover,
Sean, and
makes a discovery that places him and those near and dear to him in mortal
danger.  His struggles to expose the truth propel Jake toward the shocking climax.

The second book in the series,
The Purple Heart Mystery, begins with Jake finding a misplaced
military award in the barn on Holman Farm.  And the Purple Heart medal becomes Jake's
ticket to an adventure that takes him from Germantown to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware and
then face-to-face with a deadly adversary, with his life partner, Sean Fitzpatrick,
accompanying him on the ride.  The uncovering of long held secrets results in several
characters facing some unexpected consequences.

The third book in the series,
Incident at White's Ferry, is due to be released in 2015.

Books in the series
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Now available.  Released in April 2014.
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